Tiger & Woods // Banana Balls EP

  Tiger & Woods have always seemed to have a knack of sustaining a sound which oozes in both distinct and stylistic production, somewhat setting them apart from their compatriots in the glitter-laden realms of disco. Returning after a series of remixes and compilation appearances with the 'Banana Balls EP', Tiger & Woods provide two sides of loop rich and groove heavy tunes. 'Pitch' takes the A side and lays down everything which we come to expect from the pairing with cutting snare hits, creamy baselines, and hooks which are also ever present on the B side of the release - 'Slice', leaving the listener yearning for just a few more minutes. Luckily enough, both tracks on each side of the EP have been given a 'Bonus' extension to them as not to leave you hanging. The 'Banana Balls EP' saw it's release through Editainment Records on the 14th January, so is available now. Jump on it here.