DJ Koze feat. Caribou // Track ID Anyone?

  DJ Koze is soon to return from a baron spell in terms of full length releases with a new offering through Pampa Records titled Amygdala, set to be seen in both record shops and for purchase on this internet thing as of the 25th March. Koze seems to have a lot of friends who owe him favours (or just like seeing their name next to his own) as he has been recruiting vocalists and various players in the industry to feature on the release, perhaps the most prevalent of these being none other than Dan Snaith of Caribou. The Canadian returns to the role and sound we are used to hearing him with when not filling floors creating slanted dancefloor tunes as Daphni and takes to the mic. Track ID Anyone takes the route of hazed house tinted rhythms tailor made for late night shroom field explorations, or maybe that's just the artwork of a man in the helmet and cloak riding a reindeer in a purple field making me think that? The power of suggestion. Take a listen and keep your eyes peeled for the full album release come 25th March.