Tiger & Woods // Golden Bear EP

 We all know the drill by now. Tiger & Woods announce new material - 'Golden Bear EP'; tease us for a little bit shrouding us from a definitive track, everyone gets talking, EP release date comes around - everyone hushes up and shakes a leg. In this instance T & W have bestowed upon us the long awaited 'A Golden Bear mix' - "a little mix which feature(s) some unreleased gems, some soon to be released tracks and some songs that we love"...I'd look out for about 18:30 at a guess (please correct me if I'm wrong). As for the EP it is being released through their own Editainment label with no known release date to be found, so keep an ear to the ground on that one. Meanwhile, take a listen to the mix and sift your way through for them gems...

[Edit: The Golden Bear EP saw it's release on the 1st July and the B side from the new EP can now be found on their soundcloud...flip over onto the A side to find a stonker. Purchase here.]