Koreless // Lost In Tokyo

Now I don't want to try and compete with the infamous Matt Foster's recent hilarious blog posts, but if I must say, this song makes his last post sound like the demo song from a Casio keyboard...

The time has finally come, the wait has been over a year, Koreless has finished his degree and at last released the highly anticipated 'Lost In Tokyo'. After months and months of youtube listening, ripped from Jamie xx's essential mix, Jacques Greene's Vase label has finally put this out on 12" and digital. On first listen it seems weird not to hear it mixed with Floating Point's 'Sais Dub', which I thought I maybe left disappointed with after getting used to hearing it in that way. However the fact is that it's an absolute masterpiece of pitched vocal layers and sinewave synths, which also sees Koreless shy away from his previous 808 heavy songs... now keep releasing EP's Koreless.

Buy the EP here along with Jacques Greene's remix on the B-side.