Jack Dixon // E/Find Shelter EP (HFT026)

 Jack Dixon is back offering up more of his skiffled house stylings with his two track release via Hotflush, 'E / Find Shelter'. Released on the 5th November, I guess it was only a matter of time before Mr Dixon released some material through fellow Berliner (Berlinite? Berlinon?) Scuba and his ever-bubbling label. These two tracks are ready made; signed, sealed and delivered tracks for a small and inadequately air conditioned  dance floor. I'd go as far to say that you'll even enjoy this robust pair when by yourself sitting at your computer tucking into the third cup of tea in half an hour, but maybe that's just me. Give it a go and purchase.

As if to up the ante on us a little more, Jack Dixon is showcasing what a busy man he's been with announcing a second release for November, this time with a four track ep through 'Leftroom Records'. His '10997 EP' sees a stripping away of the synth driven style and a slight raise of the bpm producing a more classic idea of house. If you've taken a fancy to his first release this month, this ones well worth keeping an eye out for.