Toro Y Moi // Anything In Return

  Toro Y Moi have perhaps been a bit boxed in the past with stamps of "chillwave" and such generalisations that probably make stiff upper lipped high horse music junkies tut incessantly. All that aside it's pretty hard to deny the laid back pop aesthetic which Chaz Bundick and Co. radiate, have thrived under and pushed forward over the years. Returning with their next LP - 'Anything In Return', to be released through Carpark Records - a certain edge seems to have been added to the melting pot of sounds. Not like U2 guitarist type of Edge...good edge. Anyway if you haven't already jumped on it 'So Many Details' gives us a cheeky ankle glimpse of what's in store, 22nd January 2013 is the release date you'll be wanting, hold tight for it.