Jacques Greene // Quicksand

  Ever familiar producer Jacques Greene has treated us all to a stream of a new track - 'Quicksand'. The LuckyMe affiliated man has seemingly been in the game since our collective memories can dare to remember, yet there is no doubt that his output and remained consistently on and around the top of the pile. The track 'Quicksand' is no different with a solid 4x4 rhythm, airy vocal chops, and the never-go-wrong arpegg just for good measure. The track was first heard on Greene's mix for FADER but he has now put it into a tidy package on his soundcloud page, get your fill and listen below. 

  If you happen to reside, are on holiday, or fancy getting a flight to North America, Jacques Greeene is currently on a tour of the region. Check out the dates below to try and get tickets snapped up...if they're still about that is.