Jody Finch // Jack Your Big Booty (Happa Edit)

  Local Leeds man Happa has endeared himself to a lot of influential people in and around the scene over the past year including the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, and Four Tet; providing a youthful taste as to why askew isn't always a bad thing, particularly in today's murky techno realms. Apparently for Happa it all works out as about a train journeys worth of work for his take on old-time 1987 dance track 'Jack Your Big Booty' from Jody 'Fingers' Finch recently made available via his Soundcloud page [Edit - now removed, Youtube rescues all] which gives us here an excellent and timely excuse to rectify tardiness in not posting about this guy sooner. Get your booty's worth...
  Happa's debut, the Beat Of The Drum EP, was made available a few months back through London based night/label 'Church' who snapped him up for their inaugural release, with remixes from the likes of Throwing Snow, as well as taking him in for regular DJ slots at their night frequenting at Corsica Studios. The EP provides with loving spoonfuls everything we have came to expect from the up and comer, dishing out more weighted darkness than when Ozzy Osbourne had one too many chilli's in his vindaloo. Anyway, take a preview and purchase here.
  As we're catching up on lost time, we might as well provide a couple more tunes which have been kindly cradled our neighbours to sleep to for the past few months. There's even a free download thrown in for...well...nothing.