Benny & Gain // Suave Soirée Edits (Free Download)

  I think you would be hard pressed to come up with a more apt name for a release than that of Benny & Gain's most recent two track outing, 'Suave Soirée Edits'; conjuring images of the most sophisticated of 80's- suit is a must-cocktail bars... although I've probably just been playing too much GTA Vice City of late. This release comes after the equally well equipped 'The Deluxe Edits' was given to us a couple of months back whereby the editing treatment was again utilised to full effect. The excellent news for the admirers of B&G is that all past releases have been made available completely free of charge via the medium of Bandcamp, although we might well encourage you to part with a meagre pound or two to support the artist naturally. 'Suave Soirée Edits' was released on the 1st February. Listen and download below...