∆ ∆ (Delta Delta) // Skyway EP

  When looking for something with a bit of a quirkier - tastes of something but not quite sure what it is - flavour with current house, there's no real need to look too far past the output of Ramp Recordings' sister label Fourth Wave. After acclaimed releases from the likes of Gerry Read and Presk, the latest offering that Fourth Wave have put out there is that of (perhaps slightly inconveniently titled) '∆ ∆' - pronounced as Delta Delta - with his Skyway EP. The first track to get an outing from the EP 'You' leaves to one side any rich  textures or layered sounds but relies heavily on the couple of main hooks competently provided through the stabbing synth and the unflappably euphoric cries of the female vocals, tailor made for big room dancefloors. You does however follow a different line to that of the rest of the EP, acting as the bait to draw you in while the more ambling tracks of Coconut Girls, Skyway, and Loose & Limber are what keep you enthralled. Take a listen below and purchase if necessary here.

Delta Delta has let us in on a couple of new offerings in the past two weeks, the most recent of that being Skinny Dipping which is available for free download below. Now if any lack atmospheric depth was to be the criticism of the EP release (and that would be pushing it), the two new tracks put on show take atmosphere, time stretches it, and throws it into space with David Attenborough narrating. Take a peek...