Foals // Holy Fire

There's not much point in doing an in depth, track by track analysis of Foals' latest endeavours, as I'm sure there's one or two websites floating about that have already done so - not mentioning any names.
Having said that, we do feel this album is definitely worth mentioning, as after all, we're all here for the music.

Foals are now onto their third studio album, and over the years have emerged to become a lot like marmite. Whoever you speak to either seems to worship the ground at their feet, or despise the fact that they're even taking the time out of their day to acknowledge their existence, after you have brought them up in conversation. However, this all seems to have changed in recent times. At the back end of last year, just as we were counting our top 10 lists and reviewing the year in music, as the apocalypse was nigh, Foals released Inhaler onto the world. A track which baffled some for the first two minutes, but as the reverb builds, along with the tension, so it was released; the grunge-y, low end, heavy riff, blowing the track wide open and taking with it, the shackles that have surrounded Foals for so many years.

 As if this change of style and musical direction wasn't enough to change your mind of Foals, then the next track, My Number, was sure to do so. First heard on Later with Jools Holland, it's an uptempo, hook driven, rhythmic masterpiece. Boasting the infectious guitar riffs that have made foals so popular over the years, married to a perfect blend of catchy vocal hooks, driving percussion and bouncing bass lines - it screams Talking Heads.

Whether you still either love or hate Foals, Holy Fire has definitely thrown away the demons that may have haunted them on Total Life Forever. Showing a maturing band that can have a long career and explore different avenues. It's always good to see a band move out of their comfort zone of adoring fans, and reach out to others, by pushing their sound and in turn create something that is not only 'down with the kids', but can become a timeless piece of music that will last the test of time.