Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski // Talking About... (EDA#001)

  Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski is an absolute dream of a name and is one which will gain him instant credibility from this end and other name-thusiasts. Yet even when taking the name completely out of the equation we are left with a release which ticks a lot of boxes. The EP - Talking About... - is the first release from the Dusseldorf based label Edits Des Amateurs and continues the current flurry of African funk themed tracks to be heard and embraced by our current playlist. The man - 'the myth' - Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski, happens to be an alias of  Jan Schulte who also releases under the name Bufiman of whom has been endorsed in previous posts. Learn something new everyday ay. If you're lucky enough to get there while still stocked, you can order a copy of the Talking About... 10" via 'editsdesamateurs@gmail.com'.