Pick a Piper // Pick a Piper LP

 The Pick A Piper LP is a collaborative project conceived and led by drummer Brad Weber of Caribou. The much anticipated, self-titled album dropped on April 2nd via Mint Records and plays host to a mixed bag of rich, sonic tricks that make for eight tracks all about discovery. Guest vocals litter the album adding to its multifarious nature, the most noteworthy of which are the airy intonations of John Schmersal (member of the band Brainiac and Enon). Schmersal features on All Her Colours and sets the tone for an idiosyncratic pop song with an equatorial vibe.  The exotic sounds of Pick A Piper are no doubt recognizable though, echoing that of (of-course) Caribou’s Swim in places, but Pick A Piper is an album that deserves to be considered in its own right and is definitely worth a listen. Lend your ear and part with your change for the whole album here.