Laszlo Dancehall // Laszlo Dancehall EP (MMakeM008)

  The new release from Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers, guised under their new moniker Laszlo Dancehall, comes courtesy of George Fitzgeralds ever trustworthy Man Make Music label. The lead off tune from the EP release Gave Up has so far received the lion share of the attention because of it's featuring in Fitzgerald's BBCRadio1 Essential mix, giving a message of intent for the release with its chugging rhythm and Vynehall's familiar underwater-esque keys line. Kicking off the b side is Ain't No Time (the favourite on this side of the screen) which ticks all the boxes for an unrelenting dancefloor filler, no doubt you'll be hearing it out providing you're not going to Tiger Tiger for your kicks. The EP gets its release come the 20th May digitally but is available now on vinyl, get it here.