The Howling // Shortline EP

  Reverbed out guitar lines and falsetto'd vocals are hardly an unknown entity in music these days. Nevertheless when executed properly with some bespoke electronically produced blips and swells, the results can be either as haunting or as comforting as they were intended. The Howling have taken it upon themselves to provide such service, with their wee little mini three tracked Shortline EP which could be held comparable with each Justin Vernon, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and a man standing in a cave playing guitar along with water drips. Obviously it is not and never will be a collaboration between any of these things, but is definitely a stellar listen with Frank Wiedmann doing more than enough in the way of contributions with his featured remix. The Shortline EP was released on the 8th July '13 through Innervisions so is therefore available to purchase here. Do so...