Gerry Read // Rhino/All The Time

Gerry Read has definitely been consistent (or even prolific) with the standard of his releases over the past year. With a trilogy of EP releases with Fourth Wave spread over the last 12 months he is once again back with the Ramp Recordings sister label. The most recent EP release, Rhino/All The Time, once again delivers on every front on which has been came to be expected with off-kilter techno house that could make even the most stiff-legged Eton educated politician a Detroit dance floor specialist. 'Rhino' is unashamedly and typically brash with its stomping rhythm and swirls of percussion. Not to mention vocal samples that will catch you murmuring along while the woman sitting opposite on the train looks at you with a raised eyebrow. Much in a similar vein 'All The Time' takes a (relatively) more slow burning build to another step-inducing kick along with a soon to be trademarked hi-hat. Take a listen and see for yourself.

The Rhino/All The Time EP was treated to a vinyl release for record store day back in April, if you're quick there might still be afew knocking around, so grab it here. If it's your birthday or you just feel like splashing out, Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee's collaboration effort 'Demolition Man' has just once again been made available on a very limited 12" release as of the 6th June, so get it here.