Tartelet Records Compilation // Contemporary

So as of now the 9th July should become a pretty important date for you, and those phone alarms should be primed ready for what you will need to be reminding yourself of. I don't mean the internet apocalypse that will result in the demise of modern society (according to a quick Google search); it just so happens to be the date that the compilation album Contemporary will be released by Copenhagen based label, Tartelet Records.  While it would be wrong to suggest that there is anything ground breaking or off-trend with any of the 10 tracks, there is certainly nothing to complain about with it showcasing the array house genres to be lapped up. The opening track Elevator Fling by Muff Deep can't help but conjure up images, with its bass groove and 80's-esque beat sound, of Graceland-era Paul Simon carrying out a back alley deal in a trench coat full of knock off watches. That being so, nothing should take away from the fact that each of these tracks have enough in them to induce at very least a head nod and a toe tap, whatever you're in to. Moving from track to track you'll stumble across sounds ranging from acid to disco from deep to tech (apologies to those offended by 'labels') which means if my GCSE maths is correct there's a 75.5% of you absolutely loving each track, and I like them odds. Take a listen, see what those odds are saying.

01. Muff Deep – Elevator Fling
02. Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon
03. Samuel Andre Madsen – Ur Eyes
04. James Braun – Passages
05. Brandt Brauer Frick – Melancholie II
06. MHM One – Not Sure I Understand
07. Acid Woman – No Country For Old Men
08. 2400 Operator – The Feelin
09. Mikkel Metal – Long Way
10. Andrea Fiorito – Audio xx  

Thought so, grab yourself a copy on 9th July. Luckily for us all, track 08 - 'The Feelin' from Copenhagen hailing duo, 2400 Operator, has been made available for download. Grab it here
(via XLR8R)