Luvian // Jams EP

This is the first full length EP from our friend here at Atlas - Luvian. We crossed paths with the 20 year old producer a few months via soundcloud, expressing our interest in each others music. His earlier songs had the kind of minimal yet mesmerising drum beat that Koreless has made so popular. Now his new EP has taken it to another level, switching between 1/32 and 1/16 hi-hat patterns while the catchy synth melodies roll underneath the vocal hooks. This upbeat, minimal EP is definitely one for the summer, and we here at Atlas are definitely looking forward to the possibility of Luvian remixing one of our songs for our 12" EP due out in October!

Check out a preview of the Jams EP here, although there isn't any need, you may as well just go and buy it right now for £1.20 right here!

Plus if you're really feeling Luvians summer vibes click here and give him a like on Facebook and you can download all of his other tracks for free!