La Fleur // Eavesdropper EP

 Can a man be blamed for not posting about an EP release as soon as it comes out? Yes, yes he can. Although I feel that La Fleurs 'Eavesdropper ep', released back in April, might just fall into the better late than never category. The title track 'Eavesdropper' draws you in with a vocal sample which I can only presume was provided or taken from the most attractive of French woman, while the bass line and skiffled beat aptly provides plenty of punch causing involuntary movements of the lower limbs. The second track,'Tjuvlyssnerskan' (no idea either), provides the perfect late evening summer month soundtrack. With a generous helping of dreamy filtered piano providing the hook which you would happily embrace floating round your head all day. All in all I really find it hard to find something to complain about regarding this Swedish pharmacists latest concoction, and I'll be damned if I find anybody that does.

Oh, and did I mention that firm favourite Jesper Ryom has also casts his hand and given the latter of the two tracks a remix? (not to mention Jordan Peak and Ian Pooley getting in on the act). Which are in themselves worth shelling out for. Get yourself in on the action here.