Clouds // I'll Be Broke (Gerry Read Remix)

  When Gerry Read pokes his nose into a song to give it the ol' Readie signature it can be guaranteed that a whole load of ham and eggs will be coming at ya, omelette anyone? We here in this dark and heavily incensed corner of the world have always been enamoured by this primitive-club wielding sound exemplified by Read, so when news comes up that he'd "ruined" I'll Be Broke by Clouds, we dropped our double mochaccino late grande with sprinkles and took a gander. It turns out that sarcasm plays a large part in using ruined as a descriptive for the track as it's about as ruined as my life would be if the Olsen twins were in my kitchen right now making me some pancakes. Anyway dreams aside, the three track Clouds remixes release is available on both 12" and for download here.