Ejeca // Frequency EP

  Belfast's rising star Ejeca stikes again. Before settling on a more definitively popular (if only for a moment) 90's house sound, Ejeca in the past crafted tunes taking influences from each disco, garage, and deep house; adding his own trademark vocal driven emotive sounds. The Belfast boys latest work Hi Rollin, extracted from the recently released Frequency EP, is once again top drawer. The track hangs on a nice chord melody sat on top a well-pressed low end which perfectly suits the abstract video its been paired with. On face value the track is a relatively straight forward piece of production, however don't get the wrong idea, it does everything it says on the tin and more leaving you with a mouth watering hunger for the rest of the EP. Nassau Storm and Time For Change on flip side of the EP provides an almost alter ego to the producer we met in Hi Rollin, each moving away from the familiar four to the floor house, making use of synth led movements mellowing out with a cup of tea come down and shows us Ejeca's rarely seen darker side. All in all, Ejeca is definitely giving us some of his best stuff in his latest outing and we certainly recommend giving it a spin. Ejeca's Frequency EP was released 28th January and can be purchased with your pocket change here.