Lindstrom // Ra-ako-st / Eg-ged-osis (Extended Edits)

 Considering the fact that in parts of northern Norway days can pass without the sun making an appearance, which obviously makes me automatically assume that its just one big party up there, it's no wonder that the habit of consistently producing above par music has seemed to embed itself into their psyche. Lindstrom is a man who has done his fair share over the years to contribute to this illusive 24 hour party somewhere near the Arctic circle in his homeland. His latest two tracks, 'Ra-ako-st/Eg-ged-osis', once again being released through his own label Feedelity Recordings, sees him take a step back towards sanity after his slightly off kilter yet engrossing last record release 'Six Cups of Rebel' was released back in February. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that these tunes have managed to take up residence on our playlist at this end (especially 'Eg-ged-osis') as the tracks have been passed under the nose of fellow Norwegian Todd Terje on the way to us, and we all know how much of a good year he's been having after we were graced with his 'It's The Arps' ep. Take a listen anyway and prepare to immediately have to urge to part with your money.