Dauwd // Heat Division EP

  Dauwd has just announced his new EP is set to be released, 'Heat Division', and has kindly made the second track on the b side available for us to get a sniff of what it might have in store for us, and were smelling some quality momma's home made cooking type of stuff. Returning with his third release through Pictures Music the combination doesn't seem to fail, adding to that a label collaboration for the release with Ghostly International (of whom we previously featured with their 2012 compilation) it makes for a god damn satisfying product for all the senses (minus the taste, touch, and smell...mostly). The production shown from Dauwd is usually of the highest order blending textures to create irrepressible atmosphere while still managing to keep a sense of weight to the tracks. 'And' is no different if not slightly weightier than what we have previously heard, creating light brushes of sound carefully aligned with the more mechanical drive of 'contemporary techno' elements thrown in. The 'Heat Division' EP is set to become available on the 11th March and can be pre ordered here for the UK & Europe, and here for the US.