Ben Durazzo // Beats Vol.2

Oakland's Ben Durazzo is an up and coming West Coast instrumental Hip-Hop producer. In this new age of Maschine and Ableton controller production, Ben Durazzo is carrying on the torch from the likes of J.Dilla, still flying the MPC flag. His chilled old-school vibes are not to be ignored. Although relatively unknown, his production style is sleek yet classic with sample heavy tracks and swing filled beats that are reminiscent of  early Flying Lotus with a vintage 90's feel. Ben has three full-length mixtapes available to download via his Bandcamp and is soon embarking on a small North American tour, dates of which can be found here. Intermission is a track from his second mixtape, we highly recommend checking it below.

If his impressive production wasn't enough, this video displays his extraordinary ability on dual MPC's which is definitely worth going to see. If nothing else, we guarantee his live set will impress you beyond belief.