Gold Panda // Trust EP

  It's always a real possibility these days that the element of surprise with releases gets lost in rumours circulating the internet, so it's always pleasant news to hear that the likes of Gold Panda has sprung a new release on the unsuspecting public. The four track 'Trust EP' continues where previous releases left off, retaining a hobbled quirkiness to the sound making use of high percussion to create a bedding for every other timbre but the kitchen sink (although the sink probably features in there somewhere) which is reminiscent of a Dan Snaith production with Caribou, particularly that of 'Burnt Out Car In A Forest'. The EP is available to download now and is seeing a 12" release on the 4th March which is available to pre order from The Ghostly Store, a domain which seems to keep cropping up lately. Watch out for a full album in the pipeline for later in the year as well as live dates lined up for 2013, looks like G-Panda is going to be a busy man.