KH (Four Tet) // The Track I've Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room (Free Download)

  What's in a name? Apparently all the information anybody could ever need for KH (Four Tet) who has just revealed his new track, which we will abbreviate to 'TTIBPTPKAAATJUIHRAMADPOBR' for relative ease. What the track is eventually going to be referred to by everyone only time will tell, in the meantime I know that I for one shall have it scribed backwards on my forehead so it is just a look in a mirror away in case it should need to be brought up in conversation. For now all that needs to be known is that it is set to see its 12" release come the 4th February and can be pre ordered here. As the name suggests you would have probably already heard it from one of the aforementioned sources, take it for another spin below... [Edit - Four Tet has placed the track up for free download, get it here