Vondelpark // Seabed LP

  Hazey eyed Vondelpark have recently announced solid information regarding their up-coming LP release Seabed, set to be made available on 1st April through the ever fruitful R&S Records. Vondelpark have always been a safe bet for early in the morning bedroom listening melting together synthesis and instrumentation in such a way to tick boxes that you weren't even aware had existed. The freshly stream-able track California Analog Dream might be recognised from their Sauna EP as they have decided to give it a dusting and fresh lick of whatever they had lying around that day, which seems to have worked a treat. Their previously outed track which was paraded around the interweb a couple of months back Dracula has also found a place on the LP. Cast your eyes over the rest of the tracklisting below... 

1. Quest
2. Blue Again
3. Dracula
4. Come On
5. Always Forever
6. California Analog Dream
7. Closer
8. Seabed
9. Bananas (On My Biceps)
10. Outro 4 Ariel