Archie Pelago // Subway Gothic

  New Yorker jazz tainted trio Archie Pelago have recently released some visuals to go along with their new 12" a-side inner city soundtrack, Subway Gothic, which is set to see it's release on the 25th February through Brighton based Well Rounded Records. As displayed with much of their previous work and their previous release (Archie Pelego EP through night/label Mister Saturday Night) there is no shying away from using an eclectic range of instrumentation from the horror film-'there's a suspicious man waiting round the corner' strings build up to the suspicion dissipating 'oh, the man just offered me a beer and wants to do the robot'  roll back into the beat. Note down the 25th Feb, take a listen to the two track preview, and swipe a look at the video for Subway Gothic below... purchase here.