Eglo Records Vol. 1 Compilation

  A 4th birthday is usually the milestone which signifies the end of the easy life; no more chilling in a pram, getting waited on by your mum and not a blind eye being turned when you decide that the toilet is going to be wherever you're standing. Then BAM, you're at school with a career plan being laid out by your 1st year teacher (still a bitter subject). 
 For Sam Shepherd (Floating Points) and Rinse FM show host Alexander Nut the 4th year celebrations for the co-owned Eglo Records is one which brings around a treat for us all, coming the form of a 2x CD chronological compilation of some past releases from artists on the label and affiliates including the likes of Fatima, Funkineven, and of course Floating Points. Simply titled Eglo Records Vol. 1, it is also promised to contain four exclusive tracks as well as some of the more hard to find vinyl releases from the label. I'd take it over a birthday caterpillar cake any day (only just). Eglo Records Vol. 1 gets its release on the 29th April, avert your eyes downwards for the tracklisting and a Floating Points classic...

1. Floating Points – Radiality
2. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
3. Funkineven feat. Fatima – Kleer
4. Shuanise – Catch
5. Fatima – Soul Glo
6. Funkineven – She’s Acid
7. Floating Points – Shark Chase
8. Arp.101 – Dead Leaf
9. Funkineven – Heart Pound
10. Arp.101 – Flush
11. Mizz Beats – Sanctuary
1. Fatima feat. Floating Points – Innervisions
2. Floating Points – Sais(Dub)
3. Floating Points – Marylin
4. Funkineven – Roland’s Jam
5. Floating Points – Danger
6. Arp.101 – U
7. Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest
8. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue
9. Fatima – Visit You
10. Floating Points Ensemble – Wires
11. Shuanise – Mercy
12. GB Presents The Abstract Eye – Reflexes