Rae Morris // From Above (Jack Steadman Remix)

For some it has been a highly anticipated wait for this new track from the guitarist turned producer Jack Steadman. Others may be wondering, however, just who is this Jack Steadman guy? To answer the question, here we see the frontman of Bombay Bicycle try his hand at a new craft... Although it is not as new as it seems, he has quietly been uploading electronic tracks onto his personal Soundcloud for over a year now, and for those fans who have followed him, it has been an interesting journey to see how his music has developed out side of BBC.

This track sees him undertake official remix duties and it is his most confident project yet. From the beginning we hear the usual warm bell tones that have seemed to echo the far east throughout his recent tracks. From there we see it evolve into a full arpeggiated symphony led by Rae Morris' vocals.

The track can be downloaded for free from Jack's Soundcloud, make sure you give him a follow as he is certainly one to watch out for this year.