Free Magic & JKriv // Catalano EP

 Brooklyn seems to be going through a bit of a purple patch at the minute with a strong new scene bubbling up with nights such as 'Mister Saturday Night' and 'Discovery' even perking ears up over here across the pond. This is most likely down to each of their adventure into the creation of each of their respective labels releasing material - including the 'Archie Pelago' self titled EP back in September - almost tempting enough for a plane ticket across the big blue for one of these nights. Free Magic (resident at Discovery) & JKriv returned to the game on 8th Oct with their second release for Discovery - 'Catalano EP', and didn't fail to build on the first with insatiable grooves and three tracks that could fit in anywhere. The first track 'Catalano' takes a more laid back approach to proceedings, but this is switched up to the more standard night-out 120 bpm house of 'Night Braces', although I suggest that on this night out a cocktail might need to be purchased to swirl during the organ solo. Share your money and purchase.