Just//COS - The White Lamp, Ronnie Dyson, Atlas...

 Sometimes songs are able to speak for themselves. This can make our job on this end a whole lot easier without having to spend days on end writing draft after draft, perfecting and up keeping the highest grade of poetry which we demand on setting our targets towards for the readers (definitely not how it goes down). So as a means to an end, our 'just//COS' sub-strain is born. While most people would agree that COS most probably stands for Collection Of Songs; there has been hushed murmurs saying Congregation Of Secrecy or Contamination Of Society cults being consummated here. To which I say you must be high right now, so stop talking and enjoy the music is music ethos of just//COS.

The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam Remix)

Ronnie Dyson - All Over You Face

Atlas - Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)

Bepu N'Gali - I Travel To You 

Al Barry With The Cimarons